About Meets
This page will help you understand more
about our U.S.swim meets, how to enter
and prepare for them.
When attending U.S. / A.M.S. Swim Meets       
here are a few tips to help you be better prepared.
1.The night before - pack your bags > Always bring extra warm gear we
never know if pool area or swimmers area will be warm or cool.  Warm
foot wear to walk around at meets is also a good idea.  Make sure you
have Team suit - goggles (it is a good idea to have two pair ready to go -
can't tell you how many times swimmers snap a strap prior to events)-
caps - warm up or sweat suits - extra t-shirts and towels. Also a good
idea to know what events you are entered in - check meet results page.
2. Arrive at meets about 15-20 minutes prior to our warm up time.
Swimmers use this time to stretch, loosen up, wake up, and get events
written on hand by parents.
3. Prior to warm ups - write swimmers event # / heat / lane on their hand.
This will help swimmers and coaches know what to do for warm ups.
Coaches will not be writing events down for swimmers - we
may              have 60 swimmers at a meet and can not do it!    Bring a
4. At least 5 minutes before our warm ups swimmers need to go on
deck to Coach and rest of team. Coaches will tell them what we are
doing for warm ups.  If for some reason a coach is not there yet - keep
stretching and be ready.  
5. A.M.S. / U.S. rules >
If there is a question or problem have your swimmer communicate with
coaches.  Some times there are disqualifications and parents want to
know why - often coaches will know right after their swim.  Even
coaches are not allowed to approach officials except for the deck
referee.   If a swimmer misses there event at a regular meet (not
championship format) they have missed it and will not be allowed to
swim that event.  If there is a rare circumstance and a timer or official
caused the child to miss then coach can discuss with Deck referee to
try to allow child to swim!
6. Awards > usually there will be an awards table located near swimmer
area.  Parents or older swimmers may sign for and pick up awards.
Once in a while teams do not hand out awards during meet - coaches or
team rep may pick up awards at end of meet.
Awards are usually top six overall times - not just from race / heat child
was in.   Sometimes there are silver & gold flights ?  What teams do in
this case is award top 6 times with gold flight awards and then
middle of the pack they will award top six silver flight awards.
ie/ 40 swimmers compete overall / Annie finishes 23rd - she will
probably receive 3rd place silver flight award.
7. A swimmer is finished with events - may they leave - yes - but first
check with coach especially if you checked off yes for relays.
Coaches will deck enter relays at the meet - if we have enough
swimmers in that age group who are willing to stay and swim relays.
Generally relays are at end of sessions - although once in a while they
may be first event.  Coaches will decide who is in relays.
Much depends on times they swam that day - who is available for what
strokes - attitude - plus a variety of criteria.  
8.Food at meets > Swimmers may eat during meets and usually there
are food sales at meets.  Prior to sessions swimmers should eat 45
minutes before they swim, and food should be easy to digest food as
well as good fuel.  Water is the best thing for them to drink - sport drinks
can give some people upset stomachs - don't try something new at a
meet.  During meet if swimmers are hungry - eat small portions of good
- easy to digest food.  3 hot dogs and a can of pop is not good food.  
Carrots - Apples - high protein foods (meats) are NOT good during a
meet or just before. Hard to digest!
Eat soft - good carb foods in moderate proportions and drink water in
small sips / portions.  Should be well hydrated prior to meet.
NOOOOOO Milk products with in four hours of meets - creates problems
with airways when you are gasping for air at the end of a swim.   Carrots
- Apples - Meats - Milk are great foods and eat lots of them - but not right
before or during a meet.
We hope this answers some questions and better prepares you for
meets, we don't want to train hard and then not do well because we are
not mentally ready.
Or have not fueled up well or we don't have the right gear for a meet.

                                                Coach Bob & Staff